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Dive into the world of BDA Publishing, where nothing is off-limits and unconventional voices reign. Ignite your creative prowess and embark on a journey that will test the boundaries of what publishing can be.

Publishing for Fringe Genre Books

Get your unique books published with our Editing, Design/Layout, and Distribution services. No need to get your hands dirty trying to fit the mainstream mold.

Marketing for Fringe Authors

We've got an eye for marketing. Let us amplify your voice with advertising, public relations, and research services tailored to the bravest storytellers.

We ain't your typical polished publishing house - and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We're all about the genre-bending fringe of literature that makes your question convention. Our focus is simple: create a space where marginalized voices and unique stories can thrive.

It's like opening a door for authors who don't follow any formula. They bring to the table something entirely their own, regardless of market trends or gatekeepers' whims.

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Experience the thrill, gore, and breathtaking beauty of our curated collection of fringe novels spanning all genres. From dark tropes, twisted plots, to psychedelic art, our featured books have it all.

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Explore the minds of some of the most cutting-edge authors in the industry, celebrating their genius and delving into their unique inspirations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We seek to provide a more personalized and collaborative approach to publishing that prioritizes the author’s needs and vision. This means that the author is involved in every step of the publishing process, from choosing the editor they want to work with, to designing their cover art, to including them in marketing decisions. This approach is designed to empower authors and help them achieve their creative vision while also ensuring that their work reaches a wider audience.

Traditional publishing houses, on the other hand, often have a more hierarchical approach to publishing. They may assign an editor to work with an author, but this editor may not be the author’s first choice. Similarly, cover art and marketing decisions are often made without much input from the author. While this approach can work for some authors, others may feel that it limits their creative control and ability to connect with readers.

No! A vanity press, also known as a vanity publisher or subsidy publisher, is a publishing company that authors pay to have their books published. Unlike traditional publishers who pay authors for the rights to publish their work, vanity presses require authors to pay for the entire cost of publication, including editing, design, printing, and distribution. In most cases, vanity presses do not have the same level of quality control or editorial standards as traditional publishers and do not offer the same level of distribution and marketing support.

We will provide more control, better quality, and higher royalties for authors without requiring any upfront payments.

Fringe genre refers to a category of literature that is considered unconventional, experimental, or outside the mainstream. It includes works that challenge traditional literary conventions, explore alternative storytelling techniques, and push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable or popular in literature.

We will announce when we are accepting manuscripts via our website, social media, news letter, and discord.  Within those announcements there will be guidance on how to submit your manuscript.  Announcements will occur 30 days prior to opening the submission window.

If you have a self published book that you would like us to consider please email us at [email protected]

All manuscripts submitted for consideration during our open submission windows will be assessed by two panels.  The first panel, or The Culling, occurs within the first 30 days of the submission window closing; manuscripts will be assessed against a list of criteria. The surviving manuscripts will then enter a second panel, or The Reading, where a panel of trusted members in the bookish community will decide the final selection.

We strive to publish manuscripts within 6 to 18 months from acceptance, with the understanding that there may be delays which are outside of our control.

Yes! Please contact us to book a consultation.

This depends on the specifics of the agreed upon contract, but we offer up to 50% of standard royalties.

Absolutely! In fact,  this is our overall goal.

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Stay in the Loop

Stay updated and join us in our quest to reshape the future of publishing. Exciting things are happening here, and we want you to be a part of it. Sign up for our mailing list today!