Meet BDA Publishing

A Love for Books Turned into a Mission

We're the team behind BDA Publishing: military veteran moms turned publishing rebels on a mission to put authors first, and their unique stories in the spotlight.

We were once the bookworms becoming friends with the creators behind the pages.

But, it wasn’t long before we realized the harsh truth – our beloved authors were being exploited and silenced. That’s when BDA Publishing was born. Our goal: to create a space where authors can explore and unleash their creativity without being tied down by trends and sales expectations.

Let’s start tearing down the walls of the publishing world, one creepy, quirky, and defiant tale at a time. Welcome to the new age of publishing – no barriers, no restrictions, only boundless opportunities for the bizarre and remarkable.

Are you tired of the same old mainstream genre novels?

As an aspiring fringe author, do you feel sidelined due to market behavior and trends? Yeah, we’ve been there too – and it’s time for a change! At BDA Publishing, we throw the conventional rulebook out the window, giving authors like you the freedom to unleash your artistic autonomy and create something extraordinary.

Meet The Owners

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Mel B.

I’m a workaholic who enjoys naps, books, and cows. I was born in NYC, and now I live in Northern Virginia with a couple of big dogs, cats, my kids, and my husband, in a massive farmhouse in the middle of wine country.

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Angel is the COO and lives in the Appalachia’s with her husband, three kids, and three fur babies. When she isn’t writing, she manages BDA’s daily business operations while fighting off one of her cats, who refuses to take no for an answer.  

More from the Minds Behind BDA

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