Meet RobRoy Chalmers

RobRoy Chalmers is an artist. His mediums range from fine art to performance to installation to fashion to the written word. His work is unique yet familiar. Why it’s familiar depends on your experience. Life is hidden in plain sight.

He loves horror films and thinks Killer Klowns from Outer Space is the greatest B movie ever made.

RobRoy writes about what his art is derived from: sex and gore. He writes things he hopes will make his readers intrigued and repulsed.

He lives with his rescue animals—cats, Marbles, and Ishmael alongside his dog Butternut.

Books by RobRoy Chalmers

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Revenants (Revenants, #1)

When the world's fate hinges on a woman's heart, the battle lines between heaven and hell are drawn. In the crux of a war-ravaged frontier, Maddie's fate intertwines with that of a mysterious soldier, and she is thrown into a labyrinth of desire and deceit. Forced from her solitary cabin, she plunges into the lawless expanse of the wild, wild West—where her mettle will be tested in this untamed crucible. Maddie, a harbinger of defiance sculpted by the whimsical hands of destiny, embarks on a treacherous odyssey as she evades insatiable hordes of undead that trail her. Each reticent stride brings her nearer to a crossroads shrouded in secrecy, where horrifying revelations poised to either fortify or fracture her fragile grasp on existence skulk in the shadows. As the relentless waves of the undead surge forward, Maddie's plight becomes a battle, one not of the flesh but of the spirit against encroaching evil; a righteous campaign, echoing across the blighted frontier, has found its heart in Maddie’s valorous voyage. Will she find the strength to confront these terrors and unravel the mysteries that threaten her existence, or will she succumb to the insidious forces that conspire against her? As she stands on the precipice of existence, will she find the courage to confront her terrors, or will she be consumed by the darkness that threatens to swallow her whole?

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Between the Birches: Awakening

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