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Revenants Now on Patreon

Revenants, a romantic zombie horror western serial graphic’ish novel, is now on Patreon! Start your free trial for a sneak peek at episode 1: A Daughter’s Vigil. When the world’s fate hinges on a woman’s heart, the battle lines between heaven and hell are drawn. In the crux of a


The leaves are whispering secrets, and the mountains echo ancient tales because we at BDA Publishing are thrilled about our first release of 2024: “Between the Birches: Awakening” by KP Roberson. 📖 About the Novel Genre: New Adult, Dark Romance, Folk Horror Synopsis: “Between the Birches: Awakening” offers a spine-tingling

In March we write HORROR!

Get ready for a 3-hour workshop fiesta! Join us in the BDA Community Discord on the last Saturday of each month for a mix of learning, chatting, writing challenges, and feedback. Psst… we’ve got it all on tape! “Creepy Characters: Crafting Unforgettable Horror Personalities“: This workshop focuses on creating compelling

Friday Fringe: The Known World

“The Known World” by Edward P. Jones stands as a significant contribution to fringe fiction by boldly redefining the genre’s boundaries. Its portrayal of black slaveholders in pre-Civil War America disrupts the monolithic narrative of slavery and instead presents a mosaic of moral ambiguities and social contradictions. The book’s significance

Coming Soon: Revenants

Our Patreon support has been instrumental in bringing this project to life, and I’m deeply grateful. Our tale revolves around a young woman who finds herself thrown into a world of fire, war, and the undead; her only chance of survival hinges on finding a lost legacy. It’s a quest

Empowered Monday on Patreon

Celebrate George Washington’s Birthday during Black History Month by exploring the rich tapestry of American history through powerful fiction novels. Dive into stories of Black individuals’ resilience and courage during pivotal eras, shedding light on their contributions often overlooked. These recommended reads offer illuminating perspectives on slavery, freedom, and the

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