Mel B.

Mel B. here, the CEO (whatever that means). I’m a workaholic who enjoys naps, books, and cows. I was born in NYC, and now I live in Northern Virginia with a couple of big dogs, cats, my kids, and my husband, in a massive farmhouse in the middle of wine country.

I’m an East Coast Army girl who married a West Coast Marine. Somewhere along the way I got old because apparently I’ve worked for the military and government for nearly 20 years – not sure how that is possible since I’m only 22. I don’t do hobbies; my personality is too flawed to let me do anything ‘moderately’. So, I now have several full time ‘passions’ that eat up my day – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maleficent is my spirit guide, bossing is my daily, and relentless may actually be my legal middle name. I’ve never met an obstacle or challenge where I didn’t say “hold my cocktail”, and I’m not about to start now. Reading is my one true escape from reality, so when the idea popped up that we could help put more stories out into the world – you better believe I said “bet”. Now, I’m using all of my ’talents’ to take on the publishing industry with my besties at my back – Charlie’s Angels style!

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